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Looking for the best value home loan?


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Retirement measuring up?

About Queenslanders

Yes – we’re the real deal!

Queenslanders Credit Union has provided banking services to our local communities for over 50 years, but we can very proudly say we’re not a bank.

We’re 100% Australian and owned by our customers. As we don’t need to make massive profits to keep shareholders happy, our sole focus is providing the best possible products and services, while giving back to the community.

It’s all part of our promise to provide banking that’s personal.


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Organisational purpose

To provide customer-owned banking for the benefit of our communities.


We are determined to protect the financial interests of both the credit union and our customers. We will achieve this by responsible financial and business practices.

We adopt conservative business practices, and will only sell appropriate financial solutions to our customers. We are committed to always act in the best interest of our customers, recognising the trust afforded to us.

We value uncompromised honesty, personal accountability, mutual respect and the highest standards of ethical behaviour in all interactions and relationships.

Professional integrity is an attribute we work hard to preserve by consistently being truthful, equitable and conscientious in every part of our business.

We recognise success is measured not only by our financial performance but by the contribution we make to the communities we serve, and our impact on the broader environment.

We ensure our contribution is significant by aligning our activities with the values and aspirations of our customers.

Our success is dependent on building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders.

We have grown our reputation on our commitment to the communities in which we serve. We choose to engage:


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