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The Queenslanders Board

The Board is committed to effective corporate governance practices, which reflect the key principles of accountability, transparency, disclosure and independence.  Queenslanders bases its governance practices on the Constitution and the ASX Principles of Good Governance. 

The Board is the overall governing body of the Credit Union and has responsibility for the overall management and strategic direction of the Credit Union, establishing goals for management and monitoring achievement of those goals.


Board responsibilities

The Board’s primary responsibilities include:


Composition of the Board

The Credit Union currently has seven Directors who are elected by the members for a term of three years.  An eligibility criterion for Directors is set out in the Constitution.  Directors must be fit and proper to act as a Director of the Credit Union according to prudential requirements and the Board’s Fit and Proper policy.  All shareholding members, meeting the required criteria, are eligible to nominate to be a Director and all members have an equal vote in the election process. Elections are conducted by postal ballot under the control of an independent returning officer.

Name:  Ms Christine Joy Flynn 
Position:  Chair
Qualifications:   BA, DipEd, FAICD
Responsibilities:  Ex Officio - All Board Committees

Christine is a respected Chairman in the mutual sector with a strong understanding of the current context. She is a highly experienced consultant in the area of organisational change and leadership and has specialist knowledge in the fields of: strategy, risk, change management; leadership development and relationship management; and organisational culture. Christine is an expert in Governance and works with Boards and senior executive teams to build their governance capability. She has extensive management experience gained through a range of senior positions previously held within the Public Service Sector. She has held directorships on a number of governance bodies.

Name:   Mr John Merrell
Position:  Deputy Chairman
Qualifications:  B.Bus, LL.B(Hons), LL.M – Barrister at Law
Responsibilities:  Corporate Governance Committee

John is a member of the Bar in Queensland and has been in private practice since 2000, primarily practicing in the areas of employment and industrial law. Prior to 2000, he was a Principal Industrial Officer with the Queensland Public Sector Union where he worked for over eleven years. John has been a member of Queenslanders Credit Union since 1989 and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2004.

Name:   Mr Kenneth Campbell 
Position:  Director
Qualifications:   BA, B.Econ, DipEd, FAICD, FAMI 
Responsibilities:   Corporate Governance Committee (Chair),
Audit & Risk Committee 

Ken maintained key positions within the Australian Taxation Office for 30 years. He has an extensive working knowledge of the credit union industry and mutual sector at state and national levels, gained through his roles as Chair of the Queensland Credit Union League, Vice Chair of the Credit Union Foundation of Australia, Membership Councillor of Credit Union Services, Chair of the Australasian Institute of Credit Union Directors and Chair of the Australasian Mutuals Institute. As chair of the Board’s Corporate Governance Committee, Ken has contributed to over viewing policy and monitoring best practice. Ken is extremely committed to the cause of mutuality working in a vibrant and meaningful way in today’s competitive and changing society.

Name:   Mr Robert Rush
Position:  Director
Qualifications:  MAMI
Responsibilities:  Audit & Risk Committee

Robert brings a wealth of experience to his position, having held a number of senior management and executive roles within the financial services industry. For a period of over 35 years he has worked in areas including: lending, retail operations, marketing, administrative services, treasury, and risk management. Robert is currently Managing Director of Harding Martin Financial Services Pty Ltd, a company providing advisory services to individuals and organisations. Robert joined the Board of Discovery Credit Union in 2001 and has been a Director of Queenslanders Credit Union since the merger in 2007. 

Name:   Ms Elizabeth Ward
Position:  Director
Qualifications:  Adv. DipBus, FAICD, AFAIM
Responsibilities:  Audit & Risk Committee (Chair)

Liz is the Managing Director of Digital Coaching International, which provides digital strategy and coaching services and has established the Tourism Tribe online learning hub in July 2015. Prior to this Liz led the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) business during its start-up phase in 1999-2001 and then as CEO from
August 2004 until February 2015. Liz previously held senior management positions in Tourism and Events Queensland for 12 years including Director of e-Marketing. Liz spent six years in the credit union industry earlier in her career and has been a member of Queenslanders Credit Union since 1988. She was appointed to the
Board of Directors in 2001.

Name:   Mr William Brammer
Position:  Director
Qualifications:  Assoc. Dip. IR, BBus (HRM/IR), MBA, LLB, LLM, GRAD DIPED, GAICD
Responsibilities:  Corporate Governance Committee, Audit & Risk Committee

William has extensive knowledge of the Queensland Public Service Sector, particularly in the areas of employee and industrial relations. His extensive career experience has been accumulated over 35 years in senior and managerial positions with Queensland Transport, the Department of Industrial Affairs, and the Department of Justice and Attorney General. William’s qualifications in business and law provide him with a comprehensive understanding of the economic and social environment and have ingrained in him a predilection to the principles of strong corporate governance. William was admitted to the Bar in Queensland 2005. He is a current member of several professional bodies; is involved with a number of local sport and community social clubs; and, prior to 1993, he served in the Army Reserves for almost 20 years. William commenced his duties as a Director in October 2009.

Name:   Andrew McIntyre
Position:  Director
Qualifications:  B.IT (CS/AI), GAICD

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience in the information technology industry, both in Australia and overseas, and is the founder and principal consultant of a private consultancy firm. He also founded a not-for-profit research and development organisation that aims to find a cure for Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative illnesses. Andrew commenced his duties as a Director in June 2013.