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Latest News

20 Dec 2017
180 bags of joy this Christmas

Queenslanders Credit Union joined forces with the Wesley Mission Queensland Red Bag Appeal for the second year running to bring Red Bags of joy to those in need at Christmas . more
01 Dec 2017
Two Queensland credit unions set to merge

Queenslanders Credit Union and Queensland Country Credit Union will join forces to become the second largest credit union in Queensland... more
09 Nov 2017
Members enjoy more access to fee-free ATMs

In September, Australia’s major banks announced they were ditching ATM direct-charge fees, meaning any person could use their ATMs for free... more
03 Nov 2017
Scam alert

We’re aware of a suspicious email being sent to members of other credit unions asking members to revalidate their account for security purposes. This is a scam and has not been issued by the... more
06 Jul 2017
Temporary changes to investment lending

Effective 6 July 2017, Queenslanders Credit Union will temporarily stop accepting new home loan applications for investment purposes in an attempt to slow lending to this segment of the market... more
02 May 2017
Proposed merger to build stronger Credit Union for all Queenslanders

The opportunity to build a genuine, customer-owned alternative to the big banks for all Queenslanders is the driving force behind the proposed merger of Queensland Country Credit Union (QCCU) and Queenslanders Credit Union... more
18 Apr 2017
Win $200

In what could be the easiest $200 you’ve ever made, Queenslanders Credit Union customers have the chance to win cash just for confirming their contact details. To be in the prize draw, log into NetBanking before 31 May 2017 and update or confirm your contact details when prompted... more
28 Mar 2017
Choose your own adventure with smart financial choices challenge

There’s a lot to lose when making decisions that affect your future wealth. What’s more, once you’ve made a choice you’re usually stuck with the outcome, for better or worse. Imagine if you could easily go back and try again if you weren’t happy with the outcome of your decisions?... more
16 Feb 2017
Healthy team a top priority at Queenslanders

Queenslanders Credit Union has been recognised at the Health Program Awards by Corporate Bodies International. The awards acknowledge employers who strive for best practice and demonstrate value for their workforce by investing in their health and wellbeing... more
15 Sep 2016
Brisbane CBD branch has moved

Queenslanders Credit Union Brisbane CBD branch is now located at 127 George Street, Brisbane City. The new branch opened the doors at 9am this morning and the customer service team are ready to assist you. more