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Members enjoy more access to fee-free ATMs

In September, Australia’s major banks announced they were ditching ATM direct-charge fees, meaning any person could use their ATMs for free.

Queenslanders Credit Union members already had access to one of Australia’s largest ATM networks, rediATM, without direct-charge fees. However, depending on the member’s account type and loyalty rebates available, they may have been (and still will be) liable for a Queenslanders transaction fee.

The good news is that Queenslanders does not charge transaction fees on non-rediATMs, so members can now enjoy unlimited free transactions at the following ATMs:

As well as the larger banks, Queensland Country Credit Union has also removed direct-charge fees from most of their ATMs.

Some ATMs around Australia, especially those privately owned, will continue to charge a fee. However, as always, this fee must be disclosed upfront, providing the customer with the option of cancelling the ATM transaction without incurring a fee.

At this stage, the rediATM network will continue to levy a direct-charge to customers who don’t bank with one of their partner financial institutions, such as Queenslanders Credit Union. The rediATM network is a third party supplier, and Queenslanders has no influence over these charges.

While our members can continue to use rediATMs without paying a direct-charge free, they must still adhere to their loyalty rebates to avoid a Queenslanders transaction fee.

Depending on their account type and loyalty rebates available, some members may now find it is more economical to use an ATM that is not part of the rediATM network.