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Merger update

Queenslanders Credit Union and Queensland Country Credit Union have joined forces to form the second largest credit union in Queensland.

At the Queenslanders Annual General Meeting on 30 November, over 93% of members who voted were in favour of merging with Queensland Country.

While the legal merger of the two credit unions happened on 1 April 2018, members won’t notice many changes until the database merger, which is currently scheduled for 6 August 2018. The database merger will involve the amalgamation of our products and fees, and a change to phone and internet banking.

All members will receive personalised communication in the coming months with everything you need to know, including how your everyday banking will be affected.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. You can also read the official media release: Two Queensland credit unions set to merge

How do I find out more?

Below, you can watch a short video about the merger featuring the Chairs of both Queenslanders Credit Union and Queensland Country Credit Union. You can also:

Merger FAQs