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Queenslanders reduces home loan interest rates

Following the recent reduction in official interest rates by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Queenslanders Credit Union has conducted a review of our savings, investment and home loan interest rates.

As Members would be aware, we are currently experiencing record low official interest rates and, as a Member-focused organisation, Queenslanders has given significant consideration to how changes in interest rates will impact both our depositing and borrowing Members.

From 24 June 2019, the interest rates on existing home loans will be reduced as follows:

Owner-occupied, variable interest rate home loans: Reduced by 0.25%p.a.
Investment, variable interest rate home loans: Reduced by 0.15%p.a.

We encourage any Member that currently holds an Interest Only home loan to contact us about the possibility of transferring to Principal and Interest repayments to take advantage of the full interest rate reduction.

The new interest rate that will be applicable to your loan will be detailed on your next statement. Should you wish to learn more about your new interest rate, or the new repayment that will apply to your loan, please feel free contact your nearest branch or call us on 1800 075 078.