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It's a beeping good car loan!

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Refer a mate, earn $250

Retirement Lab

Thanks to our financial planning partner, Bridges, you can picture your retirement and see how you measure up in the Retirement Lab.

Test out various retirement scenarios in three easy steps:

  1. Picture your lifestyle in retirement.
  2. Test if your savings, super and investment strategy measure up to meet the retirement lifestyle you want.
  3. View your results, see what action to take and how financial advice can help.

Enter the lab

Retirement measuring up?

With the cost of living going up each year, it’s hard to imagine how much you’ll need for your retirement.

The latest figures from the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (AFSA) suggest that if you’re aiming for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, you’ll need to save about $510,000 for a couple or $430,000 for a single person.* It would be even more if you want to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

So what will this amount afford you in retirement?

Enter the Retirement Lab to find out and see whether you’re on track to live the future lifestyle you want.

*Source: ASFA retirement standard December quarter 2014. Note: assumes that the retiree(s) is in receipt of part age pension, owns their own home outright and is relatively healthy. For more information and the latest figures visit the ASFA website. Bridges Financial Services Pty Limited (Bridges). ABN 60 003 474 977. ASX Participant. AFSL No. 240837. Bridges is part of the IOOF group. In referring members to Bridges, Queenslanders Credit Union does not accept responsibility for any acts, omissions or advice of Bridges and its authorised representatives.

Financial advice makes a difference regardless of your age or stage of life.