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Important changes ahead

Stamp out transaction fees

Hate seeing those pesky transaction fees on your account statements? Here are our top six tips for avoiding them.

1. Upgrade your rediCARD to Visa Debit

With Visa Debit, all purchases are free from Queenslanders transaction fees as long as you 'tap and go' or select the Credit option. You can use Visa Debit in the same way as a credit card, such as shopping online and over the phone. However, instead of accessing a pre-approved credit limit, you only spend your own money.

2. Earn more loyalty rebates

Having higher savings, investment and loan account balances with Queenslanders entitles you to more free transactions each month. So if you have business with other financial institutions, consider switching these over to Queenslanders.

3. Choose the account best suited to your needs

If you’re under 30, you can choose one of our specially designed accounts that come with lots of free transactions. The Junior Savers Account is for members up to 18 years, and the LiveFree Account is for members aged 18-30.

If you are not under 30, you might choose the Action Account for your everyday banking, as it carries no monthly fee. However, if you are not eligible for loyalty rebates (i.e. you don’t have at least $5,000 in savings or loans with us), you might like to consider the Basic Account. It allows you eight included EFTPOS, rediATM and branch transactions per month for a $5 monthly fee.

4. Only use fee-free ATMs

When withdrawing cash, choose an ATM that does not have direct-charge fees. If the ATM does charge a fee, this will be disclosed upfront, giving you the option of cancelling the transaction without incurring a fee.

As a Queenslanders member, you also have direct-charge free access to the rediATM network. However, depending on your account type and loyalty rebates available, you may still be liable for a Queenslanders transaction fee at rediATMs.

5. Combine transactions

Withdraw cash at the same time as using EFTPOS to pay for purchases – this only counts as one transaction. (The Savings or Cheque buttons must be pressed to get cash out.)

6. Bank online and over the phone

Check account balances and pay unlimited bills for free with BPAY through NetBanking, Mobile Banking and Phone Banking. You can also transfer funds into another account at any Australian financial institution at no cost through NetBanking and Mobile Banking.