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What our customers say

We pride ourselves on offering competitive products and outstanding customer service. In fact, we live by our promise of banking that’s personal.

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“Queenslanders are great! They offer low fees, high interest rates on savings, friendly long term staff and ATM locations everywhere!” - Sylvia

“I really like my credit union as they know who I am when I walk in the door. They call me by name and are always friendly and very helpful.” - Elizabeth

“I love Queenslanders as they really look after their customers. The service is fantastic, hardly any fees, and when we recently had to get another loan it was simple and approved fast.” – Charisse

“I have been with Queenslanders for 22 years now and would never bank with anyone else.” – Ken

“With no shareholders the members are the ones who benefit. Queenslanders are listening all the time.” - Pieter

“They listened to me when no one else would. They are courteous and extremely helpful. Response times are fantastic.” – Graham

“I have been with Queenslanders for over 24 years. During that time I have had a home mortgage, term deposit, online savings, phone banking and internet banking - all with no worries. I wouldn’t go past Queenslanders for value and service!” – Laraine

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